Hey! I’m Lucy

I am so excited to work with you and help you TRANSFORM your mindset so that you can achieve your health goals!

It starts from within. I have worked with hundreds of women who have dieted for years, since they can remember! But what is it that I do that is different to every other transformation programme you see online?

Answer: I give you the ingredients to bake your own cake. To go within, to find out WHY you aren’t putting your health first! I teach you how to love yourself and your body, and to never ever EVER be on a diet again, yes you heard me smile (I’ve been there and got the tshirt too)

Your nutrition and training plan will be tailored to suit you and your health goals, I will make sure the FUN aspect is included too

Happiness from the inside out is what fortifies our health and allows us to gain the power to meet life’s adventures head on. When we are happiest within, it really does show on the outside.


If you are ready to get started simply click the button below or contact me for any questions you may have.