Would you agree that knowing how to hack your productivity once and for all is VITAL for any entrepreneur who strives for more success ( without adding extra stress or wasting precious time)!


My name is Dr Stefan Gospodinov (DC) and I am here to save you, potentially,  hundreds of hours of wasted time, energy and resources!


I know, a bold statement to start this article, but I am convinced that busy, successful, and truly happy entrepreneurs and high-achievers ( the top 1% of successful people in the world ) all have something in common…so I’ll have to be completely bonkers not to share it with you.


Let me start with a question: Have you heard of Vilfredo Pareto?


If so, great…but if you haven’t – this might be a great read for you.


Mr Pareto was an Italian economist, who, back in 1895, noticed something pretty cool. He realised that about 80% of Italy’s land belonged to 20% of the country’s population. Why is that relevant to you and your success you may ask? 


Well, when working with successful entrepreneurs, one thing started to grab my attention – how productive they all are? In fact, one of the biggest studies ever done on successful CEOs and Business Owners proved that they can turn up to the office on Monday and get the same (in some cases more) work done as others could from Monday to Thursday…


I’ll let that sink in for a bit…


Image that! Imagine if you could rock up to work one or two days a week and achieve the same level of productivity as your competition could in almost a whole week? Or even better – imagine if you worked on your project or dream job or business for the whole week but was able to be up to 500% more productive than the competition?


Yep, I agree… it sounds crazy…initially…


Once you start to understand how your brain works – all the sudden, being 5 times more productive doesn’t sound that unrealistic (plus, who wants to be realistic anyway). This phenomenon is known as being in a state of “flow”. It means that your mind has the ability to stay so focused on the task at hand, that the end results is a tremendous increase in overall productivity. I would like to share with you how you can get in that state in a different article, but for now, let’s go back to Mr Pareto.


Pareto’s work has been studied for a long time now, and I believe that now more than ever, the principle that he discovered can change the way you work, function, set goals, and make decisions.


Pareto’s work has helped people discover that EVERYTHING WE DO IN LIVE CAN BE COVERED BY THIS 80/20 PRINCIPLE’.

Businesses – get 80% of their income from 20% of their customers.

Project Management – 80% of the effect results from 20% of the effort.

Accidents – 80% of car accidents are caused by 20% of young people

The planet – 80% of air pollution is caused by 20% of the population

So, here is my question to you: What areas in your life can you think of that this also applies to? 

Really start thinking about how can you apply this rule to areas in your life and business? 


When it comes to being more productive, for example, would you believe it that:



You can hopefully see where I am going with this. Understanding and mastering this “productivity hack” could free up a huge amount of time for you, whilst making you more successful in the area that you want to work on.


The company I founded, called BetaBrain, truly believes that success is and can be learned and replicated. As the great Tony Robbins states: “Success Leaves Clues”


In fact, we believe that being successful isn’t too difficult of a job to achieve. HOWEVER, being successful AND happy whilst working towards your dreams is slightly more tricky. One of our main goals when working with clients is to make them more successful by giving them the necessary tools to enhance their health & well-being first…before even considering the health of their business.


The Pareto Principles is something that I certainly would advise you to look into, especially if you want to achieve more in life, without the stress of being busy and more effective!


The entrepreneurs and business owners out there, know that – The healthier you are, the better you perform.


So, if you are looking to supercharge your body, mind and business, why not try our new Entrepreneur E-book on how to hack your health for more success in 2020!?  


I hope this article serves its purpose and empowers you to take action (but not too much…remember 80/20)!



And remember: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, Change The World Around You 

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